Do you want your deck to stand out; to take it from average to awesome? Composite wood decking is modern, timeless and tasteful. And, there are so many ways to upgrade your deck to add even more of a wow-factor to your outdoor area.

At Best Deck, we supply and install exquisite composite wood decking.

Here are our top six ways to upgrade your deck:

1.     Add a pergola

Pergolas are available in so many options in terms of design and size. As such, they have become extremely popular ways to create special spaces to read, relax or catch up with friends without being obtrusive. Pergolas can be completely waterproofed, which adds to their value as outdoor areas. Creepers and ivy could be added too; as they grow over the structure, they provide some stunning dappled shade. This also adds to the aesthetics. Best Deck supplies and installs gorgeous composite wood pergolas that are easy to maintain and make for a stylish feature.

2. Upgrade your deck with a fire pit

Make the most of gorgeous African evenings or hot summery days by including a fire pit or braai area in your decking. Of course, heat and sparks require some extra measures to protect your decking. Leave it in the capable hands of Best Deck to design a fire pit or braai area that creates a social area without damaging your composite wood.

3. Light up your life

Use a variety of lighting to create romantic corners, well-lit social hubs, or enchanted spots that have an undeniable touch of magic in your decking. Combine fairy lights, solar-powered garden lights, lanterns, up-lights and LED strip lights. The more creative you get, the more unique your decking and outdoor area will be.

4. The next step

Adding a few steps in your decking is a simple way to make the area interesting and varied. These steps do more than just change the decking levels. They can double as extra seating (especially with a few outdoor cushions added) or can be the ideal platforms for plants or garden art.

5. Creature comforts

Take your deck area to the next level by including comfy furniture and creating inviting little spots. Whether outside your home or office, your decking can be made irresistible with couches, cushions, rugs and convenient tables on which to rest your coffee or cocktail. This also gives you the opportunity to let your unique style or the corporate identity shine through.

6. Shake things up

Instead of sticking to one colour or texture, vary your approach. Combine different composite woods (Best Deck has four neutral, timelessly-tasteful colours from which to choose) and natural materials; like stone and sand.

How Best Deck Can Upgrade Your Deck

Best Deck not only supplies but also installs the full range of composite wood decking, cladding, finishes, balustrades and pergolas. We understand composite wood and how to put the “extra” in “extraordinary”.  Call us today for a quote on +27 (0) 11 463 7948 or