It is crucial – now more than ever – to shift our thinking, design, materials, and methods to be more eco-friendly. The planet has taken a major knock from the effects of production and pollution. And, without being proactive and intentional about making better decisions, we threaten the survival of our beautiful planet.

At Best Deck, we are committed to making green materials and methods our priority. And we always have been.

In 2023, there are a number of ways that the design and building industries are being greener and more eco-friendly to be as responsible and sustainable as possible. Some of these include:

1.   Using Green Materials

Best Deck’s composite wood decking, pergolas, screens, cladding and more is made using recycled timber, recycled plastic, and bamboo. Bamboo is an excellent material in terms of being responsible, renewable, and sustainable – the requirements for an eco-friendly solution. It grows incredibly quickly and easily, and is particularly flexible and strong. It also uses more carbon dioxide and emits more oxygen than other timber trees.

Eco-friendly materials include:

2.   Resource Management

Building anything – from a patio outside your home to a massive mall or lifestyle estate – means using water, power, cleaning products, and more. So, using materials and methods that don’t require excessive amounts of resources (when compared to other projects) is increasingly important for companies and individuals that want to be more environmentally responsible.

Best Deck’s composite wood products require no maintenance and very basic cleaning that doesn’t require huge amounts of water or expensive, damaging chemicals. This goes a long way in keeping it easy and affordable but, most importantly, greener than many other common options.

3.   Renewable Energy

Using energy from the sun and wind is a massive advantage for companies that want to offer clients the most responsible solutions to their eco-friendly design and construction. With increased water restrictions in various parts of the country and nationwide load-shedding, making use of renewable energy only makes sense for businesses that want to make their mark and survive.

4.   Insightful Design

2023 will see an increased focus on design and building that make the most of the natural environment without exhausting its resources. For example, buildings that use natural ventilation for heating and cooling over costly air-conditioning units will be more popular and in demand. Likewise, clients will opt for natural light to flood into their spaces rather than installing less environmentally-friendly lighting options. It also applies to structures that fit into the surrounds rather than requiring that excessive vegetation be flattened or removed to accommodate the building.

This requires designers and builders to be innovative and creative for the sake of creating structures that are greener and less taxing to the environment.

5.   Design that Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

With the prevalence of social media, working from home, and non-stop entertainment options on our devices; human beings need to be more conscious and intentional about spending time outside and connecting with nature. And contemporary designers are part of creating spaces that promote spending time outdoors, or allowing the outdoors in.

Best Deck installs beautiful outdoor decks and pergolas that are irresistible – whether at home or in office blocks and malls. They lure people outdoors and provide a gorgeous oasis in which to breathe in the fresh air and soak up the sunshine.

More Eco-Friendly Trends in 2023

In addition to these key efforts and trends to be greener and more ecologically responsible, here are some more green initiatives that the design and building industries will be implementing in 2023:

  • Using water more responsibly.
  • Designing structures that will be green from the beginning to the absolute end of their lifetime (including their demolition).
  • Reducing costs.
  • Getting rid of waste and managing emissions responsibly.
  • Recycling whatever waste or excess can be re-used.
  • Insisting on ethically sourced materials.
  • Creating eco-friendly structures that don’t need much (or any) maintenance.
  • Building in a way that reduces sound and light pollution for the local community, animals, and vegetation.
  • Designing in a way that enhances its environment, rather than detracting from it.
  • Using local labourers and suppliers.

Best Deck is Eco-Friendly and Environmentally Responsible

We are absolutely committed to being as green as possible. Our products are made from recycled materials that are sustainable, affordable, easy to clean, maintenance-free, and aesthetically aligned to the natural environment.

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