Beautiful composite wood decking can transform a space, whether residential or commercial, from dated and drab to fantastically fab. And, it’s the perfect choice for a total facelift because it is durable, maintenance-free, tasteful, versatile, and offers a hassle-free solution. Here are some decking ideas to give your building or home a refreshing makeover without breaking the bank:

8 Decking Ideas and Tips for Any Building

1. Terrace Your Decking

By creating terraced spaces in your decking (areas in which to step up or down), you add a fantastic dimension to the whole look and feel of your exterior. Steps and corners also create extra space to sit, for plants, or to make creative use of lighting.

2. It’s All About Flow

Whether your deck leads from your bedroom out to the garden or is the impressive entrance to your modern office building, there needs to be some cohesion between the outside and the inside areas. This can be achieved by using colours and design elements (like lighting, plants, art or textiles) that speak to one another and create a flow between one space and the other.

3. Create a Mood

Decide on a mood (which is less rigid than a formal theme) and get creative in achieving it. This may be accomplished by using different kinds of lighting – whether soft or dramatic, intricate or simple. Whatever the mood that you want to create, keep consistent and create it simply and effectively.

4. Use Your Space

Create a sense of space on your deck by putting two or three chairs in one corner for an inviting coffee nook. Or, have a modern bar running along the side of the deck as a lure for busy folk that just need to sit and have a cold glass of water, a hot coffee or, if appropriate, a sundowner. Creating features in one area of your decking can convey the sense of more space and makes your decked area a social venue.

5. How Much Do You Bench?

Regardless of the size of your deck, you can frame it with benches. This makes the best use of space and attracts your clients or guests to sit down in a stylish, pretty area and enjoy a hot cuppa and a chat.

6. Get Shady

Create shady spots or corners on your deck by erecting a pergola over parts of it. Best Deck supplies and installs beautiful pergolas that will match or complement your decking colour and style. For smaller decks, canvas umbrellas also make for great shady spots.

7. Water it Down

Including water features and pools into your decking is a great way to transform your building’s aesthetics dramatically. Whether it’s an impressive fountain in front of your office complex or a small plunge pool in your garden; a water feature is timelessly stylish. And, because there are so many different types of water features and pools, you can choose one that is unique and that represents your brand or personality well.

8. That’s a Wrap

If your space allows, wrap the deck around your building, rather than opting for one static rectangle of timber. This creates a sense of flow and frames your building well. It also transforms every aspect of your building, rather than just one area.

These are just a few decking ideas and tips to creating a beautiful space that is contemporary and inviting.

All of the composite wood products that Best Deck supply and install come with 10-, 15- or 25-year guarantees. Best Deck are one of the very few companies that offer a turnkey solution to the supply and installation of these products, taking responsibility for the project from start to finish. Composite wood products offer so many benefits and are an ideal alternative to wood (which can warp and splinter over time).

For more ideas, a full proposal, or a quote, contact Best Deck – the industry leaders in composite wood decking and cladding.